Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio (AKA Ham Radio) is probably my biggest hobby. In fact both my wife, Linda and I are keen radio operators. My callsign is G0VGS and Linda is G0YLM. She has her own blog here.
She is a very regular poster and also keeps a blog for Sands Contest Group, a small but beautifully formed group of like minded individuals that we belong to. We have a LOT of fun playing radio in one form or another. You can find out more by going to our website.

My main interest is building and using my own equipment. I am especially a fan of Elecraft kits. I have an Elecraft K2 (#4044 for those who like to collect serial numbers) which will output up to 100W, has DSP etc. You can see a photo of the lineup in this posting. I hope to purchase the new K3 later in the year but I will not be selling the K2, I love it :-)

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geraldundhanna said...

Hello Ian

Just saw your post on the DL2RUM Website signed with

Ian J Maude | G0VGS
SysOp GB7MBC and HB9CRV-9 DX Clusters
K3 #455

HB9CRV is living near my qth and as far as I know is not running a DX Cluster. Should it read HB9DRV-9 ?

73, HB9CEY
(Author of many HAM Software for the Mac years ago :-) )