Wednesday, 30 May 2007


The photo on my page shows me and Kai. Kai is our cat and he is a Burmilla. Apparently, the breed came from a chance mating between a Burmese and an Asian Chinchilla. The gene stuck and the Burmilla was born. Fortunately, they retain the best parts of both breeds. I have *never* come across a more laid back cat! He has the intelligence of the Burmese and the chilled out character of the Chinchilla. He can be extremely demanding when he wants something and will be very naughty if you ignore him! However, he demands to be picked up and cuddled in a morning and sleeps on the bed every night. Boy, can he snore! It's like his internal organs relax as well, he grunts and sighs with the best of them :-)

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