Wednesday, 2 April 2008

K3 update

I have been using the K3 for some time now and it is a wonderful radio. It still has some stuff that needs ironing out of course but I expected that. 40W from my K3 gives 400W from the Ranger 811 using the tune function but SSB probably only drives it to about half that, although I have found this to be a bit variable. I did find the TXGain function in the config menu though which allows you to compensate in SSB for up to 3dB either way which has helped somewhat. My FM filter should be here very soon and shortly after that the firmware is expected from Elecraft. This should give me the ability to use my Elecraft XV144 transverter to actually work the local repeater from my K3. That will be fun to try and I will report on my findings. We are also coming up to the Sporadic E season and I am seriously thinking about the second receiver option so I can monitor 6m while working the HF bands.

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